2022 PENPEN First Darts Tournament



darts have a long history and have appeared in different forms all over the world since they became popular all over the world in the last century. As an indoor activity, it is not only interesting enough, but also has simple requirements for venue equipment, which is suitable for everyone to participate.


Yuelai Yuet organized the first dart competition for employees on December 14, 2021.







competition is an individual competition. The dart game high score competition is 300 points, and the cumulative highest score is selected. Who first reaches 300 points and above wins. Through two or two competitions, the primary election is one round, the semi-finals and finals are three rounds, each There are three darts opportunities in the round, and the top three are finally decided.




activity started, there were also experts who specially explained the skills of darts, that is, stability, accuracy and ruthlessness. Stare at the target with your eyes, lean forward slightly, your hands are in line with your elbows and shoulders, your forearms swing forward, and your fingers release to send the dart.


, the primary competition officially began. First, the referees introduced the rules of the competition. The contestants arranged the order of throwing darts according to the way of drawing lots. The competition lasted for one and a half hours, and the top 8 with high scores entered the semi-finals.










in the fierce competition, we also prepared refreshments for the players, so that the players can make some adjustments in the tense atmosphere and better enter the next round of competition.








finally decided the top 4 and entered the finals.






players are all in high spirits and high spirits. Everyone held darts, looked at the frisbee, leaned forward, relaxed wrists, threw wrists, "whoosh, whoosh, whoosh", darts firmly nailed on the dart board, 20 points, 60 points, 100 points... One score attracted bursts of applause, the whole competition process was always carried out in a warm, friendly, harmonious and competitive atmosphere. After a fierce competition, three winners were finally decided.






, after an intense competition, the first, second and third prizes were spent one after another. Finally, Mr. Wang awarded the prize money, and the dart competition ended successfully.






not only enhanced the feelings among colleagues, but also strengthened the collective cohesion. At the same time, this dart activity fully reflects the cultural concept that our company has always advocated employees to "work happily and live a healthy life", which can be said to have gained a lot.






, everyone took a group photo and wished everyone a happy New Year!